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We found Siris as a result of a problem with another service provider and could not be more pleased with the result of their rescue of our project.” 
- Paul M. VP Clinical Operations

Clinical Packaging & Labeling Services

Siris is a clinical supply vendor that specializes in working with small and mid-size pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to help manage their clinical supply chains with responsive clinical packaging and labeling services.
At Siris, we understand that quality clinical supplies management is critical to the success of your clinical trial. With 20 years of experience, we have the expertise and resourceful insight to help you navigate the complex challenges of clinical supply chain management.
Our project management team will work closely with you to develop and guide your clinical supply chain strategy so that packaging, labeling, and kitting aligns with your clinical protocol and maintains compliance.
• cGMP Compliant Facility
• Three FDA Inspections with no 483 warning letters
• CRT (20-25C), Refrigerated (2-8C) and Frozen (-20C) Storage

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    Superior Service Starts at Siris

    We are so incredibly thankful for all that you have done to make [Project] run as smoothly as possible. This year has certainly thrown us some curveballs, but with your help we have managed to work through all of them.

    - Brianna S.
    Clinical Supply Coordinator

    I have a new found appreciation for your group and I can completely understand what everyone at [Company] means when they say Siris really is the best company we work with.

    - Thomas P.
    VP Clinical Operations

    Siris has truly been a joy to work with and I am thankful my first study acting as [Company]’s Clinical Supply Coordinator was with you!

    - Christina R.
    Clinical Operations Manager

    Why Choose Siris?


    All clinical packaging and labeling services are performed under cGMP and EU GMP conditions and meet 21 CFR and Annex 13 requirements.


    Our responsiveness and agility allow us to quickly start up a new project or adapt to changes commonly encountered during clinical development.


    Siris has the expertise and resourceful insight to help you solve common supply chain challenges and move your project through the clinical supply chain.
    • A packaging technician verifying a clinical vial
    • A clinical technician verifying information during a packaging job
    • Packaging technician putting together a clincial kit
    • A packaging technician inspecting clincial vial
    • A clinical packaging technician inspecting a vial during a receipt and inspection
    • A blank vial prior to being packaged and labeled

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    Schedule a 15-minute consultation

    We hate spam too, so we will only reach out in regards to your inquiry below.