Clinical Trial Supply Management Services For Phase I-III Clinical Trials

Siris is a Clinical Trial Supply Management vendor specializing in helping small and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies solve common supply chain challenges and get their investigational products in the hands of their patients.

A clinical packaging technician inspecting a vial before finalizing kitting assembly

Integrating Cost, Time And Quality In Your Clinical Trial Supply Management

Clinical trial supplies are a critical part of the drug development process that can impact the success of your clinical trial outcomes and the patients you're trying to help. 
Siris is a clinical trial supply management vendor that specializes in providing reliable and efficient services to small and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies.
Our comprehensive approach integrates cost, time, and quality to help you meet essential timelines, maintain the highest quality product, and ultimately stay within your budget.

Superior Service Starts at Siris

At Siris, we understand the complexity of the clinical trial supply chain and the challenges that can arise during the development of a new drug candidate. That's why we offer a range of clinical supply management services tailored to meet the needs of your clinical trial, from packaging and labeling through returns reconciliation and destruction.

A clinical packaging technician inspecting a vial during a receipt and inspection

Clinical Packaging

From small-scale Phase I to complex Phase III studies, Siris provides clinical  packaging and labeling services that are tailored to meet the challenges of your clinical trial.
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Clinical Storage

Siris offers several cGMP storage options for your investigational drug product in one of our environmentally controlled, monitored and secure facilities.
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Distribution & Logistics

Siris offers global distribution services for your clinical supplies by designing custom distribution plans that meet the needs of your clinical study.
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Returns Reconciliation & Destruction

As your study comes to an end, Siris can help bring closure to your clinical study with our comprehensive returns reconciliation process.
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