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About Siris

Siris Pharmaceutical Services is a Clinical Supply Vendor serving the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry for over 15 years. With an in-depth understanding of the clinical supply chain and the complex challenges that can be presented over the development of a new drug candidate, Siris can help you meet essential timelines, maintain the highest quality product, and ultimately stay within your budget.

Our Mission


“To help you help others through reliable and quality services.”

We realize that quality clinical supplies management is the cornerstone of a successful clinical trial, and that the clinical packaging and distribution of a new product is a crucial stage in the development of a new drug. Due to the complex nature of clinical trials, we understand the need for flexibility throughout the entire drug development process. By tailoring our services to each client individually, Siris can work with your clinical team to find a solution to your clinical supply chain challenges.

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Why Choose Siris?


Our team is responsive and agile, allowing us to adapt quickly to changes commonly encountered during clinical development.


Siris has been structured to allow us to maintain a high level of flexibility and responsiveness regardless of a projects complexities or challenges.


Siris has the expertise and resourceful insight to help move your project through the clinical supply chain.


Our staff understands the importance of detail, integrity and transparency required to meet regulatory standards for your clinical supply chain.

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